Why Choose ProTox

Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious danger to the safety, security, and productivity of the workplace. If employees engage in drug and/or alcohol abuse before coming to work statistics show that they function at about 67% of their capacity. This, along with an estimated 500 million workdays lost by abuser every year, costs American businesses roughly $81 million dollars is lost productivity annually. Additionally, drug-using employees are 5 times more likely to file workman’s compensation claims and three times more likely to use their medical benefits than other employees. To protect the safety of your employees as well as your company’s bottom-line, it is vital to have an effective drug-free workplace program. It is easier than you may think to initiate a drug free workplace program. ProTox can help. We will guide you through the entire set-up process and will tailor our services to fit your company’s specific needs.

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