What Can We Do For You?

ProTox offers both D.O.T. and Non-D.O.T. drug and breath alcohol screens for :

  • Random
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Pre-Employment
  • Post-Accident
  • Return To Duty
  • Follow-Up
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening Services

    ProTox provides both D.O.T. and Non-D.O.T. screening options. We offer a variety of drug screens to suit your company’s preferences.

    DOT (Lab-Based)

    5 Panel (AMP/COC/OPI/PCP/THC/Ecstasy/6 AM)

    Non-DOT (Rapid Screens or Lab-Based)

    5 Panel (AMP/COC/OPI/PCP/THC)



    *Extended drug screen panels available upon request

    Hair Sample Testing (90 Day Window)

    Screens for AMP/COC/OPI/PCP/THC

    Breath Alcohol Testing

    RBT IV Evidential Breath Testing Device that meets the National Highway
            Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) testing standards.

    eScreen Services

    ProTox is excited to announce that they have added eScreen to their screening services. eScreen is an advanced pre-employment drug screening service that provides clients with affordable and efficient solutions. Advantages of eScreen include:

  • Digital Chain of Custody Forms
  • Electronically manages an integrated, paperless hiring process
  • Online donor scheduling through MyeScreen.com
  • Negative Results accessible from client’s desktop in less
    than 15 minutes after test completion through MyeScreen.com
  • Statistical Reporting
  • For more information on our eScreen services feel free to contact ProTox at 419.446.2147

    Background Checks

    ProTox has partnered with Premier Employment Screening Services to enable our clients to make informed hiring decisions by delivering timely, accurate and comprehensive employment screening solutions. Premier improves hiring practices by combining their user-friendly internet-based ordering platform with their unique level of client support. The result is an efficient, reliable and friendly partner dedicated to helping you select safe, qualified employees.

    Why Conduct Background Checks?

    Make Informed Hiring Decisions

    Effective hiring is critical to your success. Implementing a comprehensive background screening program helps you hire safe, honest and competent employees.

    Employee Theft Statistics

  • 33% of employees admit they’ve stolen from their jobs in the past three years.
  • Employee theft is tied to 30% of small business failures.
  • Most data breaches are internally initiated or supported.
  • Employment Screening Hit Rates

    Listed below are the hit rates for common background screening reports:

    Criminal Hit
    False Information on Resume
    Personal Reference (Negative)
    Driving Record
    Credit Report (Negative)
    Workers’ Compensation

    Why Premier?

    Comprehensive Suite of Services

    Premier delivers timely, accurate and cost-effective screening solutions for large and small companies, in multiple regions throughout various markets. Premier’s comprehensive suite of background screening services are easy to understand and are completed within 72 hours.

    Unprecedented Level of Support

    Premier’s Relationship Management Team is passionate about providing prompt, consistent and ongoing customer support. Premier’s friendly staff will provide you with information and guidance to help you order services and maintain an efficient and effective hiring process.

    For more information about our partnership with Premier Employment Screening Services feel free to contact ProTox at 419.446.2147.

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